What we do here :

At Terror Hook, we review Horror, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Exploitation and plot-based Adult films.. Terror Hook, is just a name these days(and an identifier for owner, Rick L. Blalock), as we no longer are strictly a "Horror" website. Although these are our main categories to review in, as a film fan I am willing to stretch a little bit, as I do this to have fun, Our main goal here at TerrorHook. com has always been to produce honest and truthful reviews that are written stricly in OUR opinion. As with anything, people's interests differ from subject to subject, so we would never want our readers to always go by what we say, but rather to form their own opinion. The reviews you read on this website come strictly from one person's point of view. And as always, we welcome any filmmaker to contact us for reviews of their projects. You may contact us here : info[at]terrorhook.com.

How TerrorHook. com got it's start :

TerrorHook. com started in 2005, basically out of boredom. Prior to operating a movie review site I maintained a few other websites, but it was not until I began reading online movie review websites, that I took a real interest in the subject.

As a movie fan, i'd read these reviews for advice on what to check out, but truth be told, more times than not, after I had seen these said movies, I wouldn't exactly agree with the reviewer. Whether it was that the reviewer was bias or if it was just a matter of disagreement, i'm not sure of...but whatever the case may be - this is how it all got started. I initially started up the site only reviewing stuff that I already owned, but soon I was determined to turn my little idea into something more serious and widespread - I soon began to reach out to various movie studios, in hopes of securing supplier accounts with them, but as I soon discovered, this particular task wasn't the easiest thing to accomplish. After being turned down a number of times, I never let it bring me down, and for months after, I continued to add more and more to my fledgling site, and before I knew it, I had a good number of reviews to show for it.

To make a long, confusing and possibly boring story short, after I established Terror Hook as a true website that would stay around for awhile, I gave everything another shot - but this time the results turned around in my favor. Soon the suppliers started coming basically out of nowhere, and suddenly I found myself reviewing more and more for various studios and independent filmmakers. I'm glad that I am able to say that even though TerrorHook. com has only been around since 2005, it continues to grow and prosper day by day.

Since we began, we have been quoted in various online magazines, on cover art, and on websites such as HalloweenMovies. com,

and we can only hope for further mentions in the future, we appreciate it!

- Rick L. Blalock

About the creator:
Rick Name : Rick Blalock

Age : 33

Favorite Genre Fim : The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

Favorite Band :Thin Lizzy/Phil Lynott

Location :Balch Springs, Texas

Job : Journalist, Promotional Artist

Goals : To be positive and succeed in the world of Graphical Arts and journalism, as well as, be respected by my peers, and who I meet along the way.

AIM S/N : KilledByAngela83

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