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Jaimie Alexander
(Actress) - Rest Stop
- Jaimie, first off, let me say that I am extremely grateful to have you do this interview for From your performance in REST STOP, we can tell that you are an actress well on her way, whom has a great future ahead of her. But can you tell us a little more about yourself - Just who is Jaimie Alexander? What made you pursue acting and who are some of your influences, if any?

i was raised in Grapevine, TX and when i was really young i had the desire to become an actress! :) my inspirations were and still are Audrey Hepburn, Vivian Leigh and my all time favorite: Elizabeth Taylor.

- As we know, Warner's new RAW FEED label, will be a label that caters to direct-to-video genre films. I am quite aware of the casting processes that goes on for mainstream films, but how does casting differ for this type -since the filmmakers new ahead of time of the film's destination? how did your audition come about? Are you a fan of the Horror genre?

All castings are pretty much the same. It's the same process for tv and well as commercials. i had received a call for the audition and went in to read for the film. then i was told the part of Nicole had been cast much to my dismay. then i got ANOTHER call saying the girl didnt work out and they wanted to see me :) so i went in and met with the producers and director and got the job on the spot! About being a fan of the horror genre: i wasn't before but i am now. i couldn't watch them because i would have nightmares hahaha.i realize now that there is so much hard work that goes into making a horror film that i have even more respect for the genre than i ever did.

- For it's budget, I found REST STOP to be an entertaining effort. Can you tell us a little about the production, as in how many days it took to shoot? Did you guys run into any of the obstacles that many other low budget films face?

the budget for Rest Stop was small and we shot it in 15 days. pretty crazy for how much we needed to accomplish. We were very blessed during the shoot because everything went pretty smooth....until the guy who plays the killer broke his wrist. that was awful. it rained almost everyday which made the "feel" of the shoot more spooky if you will :)

- Some of the stunts are quite intense, (such as when the rest stop bathroom explodes in a ball of fire) so what's the scoop? did you have a stunt double or did you participate in the stunts?

I did ALL of my own stunts aside from jumping off the building when it explodes. i asked them to let me do it...but i think you have to be certified or something. of course, when i saw how big the explosion was....i was pretty happy that it wasn't me up there!

- In the film, you had quite a few emotional moments in which you had to let it all go, so to speak, I have always been impressed when an actress can trigger that emotion on cue. What do you do to prepare for these scenes - Do you think of a dog or cat that you had as a child that passed away, or what?(ok trying to be funny) - anyway, what's the secret?

For all of the emotional scenes...i just put myself there. i imagined that it WAS really me in that bathroom. I made myself FEEL every breath i took. i always put myself in each moment to make it real. it's the only way i know how to give a true performance. when i watch the film now....sure there are certain things i could have done differently (emotion wise) to mix it up, but at the same time....everything you saw from me was honest and true to the moment.

- You had a rather emotional segment in the film with former teenage heart-throb, Joseph Lawrence....what was it like working with him? Were you one of those teen girls who had his Tiger Beat posters plastered all over your walls back in Texas?

i really loved working with Joey :) he is a very talented actor. everything he is thinking or feeling is in his eyes....and for me, that made my performance come alive. It was a tough scene to do because of the circumstances and the length. Lucky for me he had some really great suggestions and he brought out sides in me that i wasn't prepared for. I was always a fan of his and to work with him was such a pleasure. it's nice to work with people who are genuine and really love what they do. every bit of his performance was from his heart.

- It seems like quite a few websites much like this one has begin covering REST STOP with articles, reviews etc. Some have been positive, and I have ever read a few less flattering reports. How do you view these articles, do you get offended, do you use what's said to improve? - Overall what are your overall thoughts on the internet coverage and sites such as

Im happy to have people paying attention to the film positive or negative. everyone has an opinion. i realize that i cant please everyone. it is hard to read some of the negative reviews without letting it seep in. sometimes i feel down because i wanted so badly for everyone to like the film, to like my work. with that said, i realize that not everyone thinks the same and you just have to take the bad with the good.

- Now on to what I am most curious about....what's next for you Jaimie? Do you see anymore Horror films in the future for you? I personally, would like to see more of you myself and I am sure others would agree....

Right now i am working on a new tv show for FOX's new network MY NETWORK TV. It's called Watch Over Me and will be airing the first week of december. as for other horror films...i am looking into a few right now.

- Lastly, the question I have to ask everyone - it's like mandatory....What is your favorite Horror film of all time?

I love the Halloween movies. I love the strong dominant character who fights back. i love the way michael myers walks.....that alone is enough to scare me to death! :)

- Again, Jaimie I thank you for taking the time to do this interview for me - I appreciate it! From one Texan to another, keep up the good work!