Bubba Ho-Tep - Collector's Edition (Blu-Ray) : Release Year - 2002

Overall Rating : 9/10

Directed By : Don Coscarelli

Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead (1981) )
Ossie Davis (Do the Right Thing)
Ella Joyce (Set it Off)
Heidi Marnhout (Phantasm IV: Oblivion)

Supplied By : Shout! Factory/Scream! Factory

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : October. 28, 2016


When mysterious deaths plague a Texas retirement home, it's up to its most sequined senior citizen to take on a 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy with a penchant for cowboy boots, bathroom graffiti and sucking the souls from the barely living!
In the film, BUBBA HO-TEP, the Mud Creek Shady Rest Convalescence Home has its share of eccentric residents - among them Sebastian Haff. Sebastian Haff is a man, whose best days are behind him. He says that he is indeed, the one and only "King of Rock n Roll", Elvis Presley, and by all appearances he is. He says that after years in the spotlight, he just got tired of being "The Man". To rectify this, he traded places with an Elvis impersonator named Sebastian Haff. He continued on by playing the impersonator. who's playing himself. until a stage fall, ended in a broken hip, and a subsequent infection, thus landing him at Shady Rest for the last 20 years. Now, Elvis lives a lonely existence, as he worries about the mistakes that he made in his past life, and as his only excitement now in life, being a nurse rubbing cream on his cancerous penis on a daily basis. There just isn't much going on and Shady Rest. That is until many of the rest home's residents begin to turn up dead at a rapid rate. Though the staff at Shady Rest don't think much of the occurrences, it is clear that something is afoul. Elvis is curious about the goings on, and he gets some conformation when another resident, named Jack, also notices the rumblings, as he spotted something lurking the halls. Jack like Elvis(or Sebastian), also has a mysterious past life, it would seem. He says that he is one John F. Kennedy himself. He says that he did not die at the hands of Lee Harvey Oswald, that his head was packed with a bag of sand after the shooting. and he was in fact, dyed instead, so that he may hide out, and live as a black man. Well, Elvis and Jack are indeed on to something, because, soon a sighting, as well as some digging, tells them that they have an unleashed, soul-sucking redneck mummy in their midst. Truly, a "Bubba Ho-tep" With the mummy, who lives off of the souls of its victims, is busy extracting the souls of those at the home via their assholes, it's something that Elvis and Jack just cannot have. So what do they do? The only thing they can do - "take care of business"! The now elderly public figures, soon suit up for war, and get their respective walker, and electric wheelchair ready for battlw as they look to TCB, by bring the mummy in cowboy duds, down.

Adapted from a short story by Texas-based Author Joe R. Lansdale, and Directed by PHANTASM Director, Don Coscarelli, BUBBA HO-TEP has been a film that has been a very favorite film of mine for some time now. Although that is the case now, I do remember a time when I didn't quite understand the love for it. That was until I saw it for myself. Yes, on the surface, BUBBA HO-TEP is a low budget creature feature that was shot in just 6 weeks time. But, beyond its technical aspects, it's a whole lot more. As it works well for a number of reasons. Its descriptive writing, it creates an imaginative horror landscape. One with a nice amount of dark comedy that is extremely witty. However, in addition to the horror and comedy ingredients, the film's characters, also create emotion, as the story moves along. Who knew that a creature feature could pull at your heartstrings. Well, this one does, as in the end, BUBBA HO-TEP, is one of various meanings. It's about redemption, and one going out a hero, as he finally comes to terms with his fate. his is a spoiler In the end, Elvis knows that he has cancer, and that he doesn't have much time left, and so he makes on last ditch effort to square up, and make things right.

Honestly, if you have yet to see BUBBA HO-TEP, you really should. Yes, if you like horror movies, then it will be easier for you to gravitate to. But even if you're not, the film just might appeal to your liking od witty comedy. And hell, if it's still lost on you, just connect with its feel good elements, and stick with it. BUBBA HO-TEP gives you many possible avenues to enjoy. If you can't get behind at least one of them, then you must certainly be dead.

As I said, this has become one of my favorite films and is one of my go to films for a good time. The writing and everything is on point. Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis were magical together as well. On paper they might have been an unlikely pair, However, it is their performances as "Elvis", and "JFK" that is truly the heart of this movie. Who knew that Ossie Davis would be so great in a film like this? Well, I must say, that in this movie, he is undeniably funny. And as for Bruce Campbell? While many fans' love of him, stems from his work in the EVIL DEAD franchise. I myself have never been a fan of those films. However, it was with this film, that I really became a fan. Bruce was, and is great here as the somewhat exaggerated Elvis, as he really commands attention with his performance.

With this release, SCREAM! FACTORY gives BUBBA HO-TEP it's high definition debut on Blu-Ray, and along with the film's previously released special features, they also include 3 newly produced interview featurettes, as well as a new commentary track with Author Joe R. Lansdale. The featurettes are "The King Lives - with Bruce Campbell" (22m 1s), "All is Well" - with Don Coscarelli" (24m 2s), and "Mummies and Makeup - with Robert Kurtzman" (8m 56s) (For the rest of the special features, which have been ported over from the DVD, please see below).

As for the transfer found on this disc, i'd say that there is a slight improvement. However, it's not a drastic one. With that said, however, it both looks and sounds good. And as far the rest of the material is concerned, along with the new featurettes, and new commentary, the other preexisting content, make the disc a pretty nice package.
1/10 There really is no "gore" in BUBBA HO-TEP beyond maybe bloody wound or two. All else is simply implied, although there is some morbid imagery.
8/10 When it comes to the music of BUBBA HO-TEP, what a score it has. Composed by Brian Tyler, the score heard in the film is one of the best that I have ever heard, as the music is as memorable as the film itself.
As I said above, I love BUBBA HO-TEP, and I can't think of a reason as to why anyone wouldn't enjoy it. It's all things; silly, imaginative, adventurous, heartfelt, and meaningful -all in one breath. It's one of those movies that shouldn't be good, but it is. If you haven't seen it, give it a shot. And if you have, then i'm sure that you'll be seeing it again.

Special Features include
- NEW Audio Commentary With Author Joe R. Lansdale
- NEW All Is Well An Interview With Writer/Director Don Coscarelli
- NEW The King Lives! An Interview With Star Bruce Campbell
- NEW Mummies And Make-up An Interview With Special Effects Artist Robert Kurtzman
- Audio Commentary By Don Coscarelli And Bruce Campbell
- Audio Commentary By "The King"
- Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary By Don Coscarelli And Bruce Campbell
- "The Making Of Bubba Ho-Tep" Featurette
- "To Make A Mummy" Make-up And Effects Featurette
- "Fit For A King" Elvis Costuming Featurette
- "Rock Like An Egyptian" Featurette About The Music Of Bubba Ho-Tep
- Joe R. Lansdale Reads From Bubba Ho-Tep
- Archival Bruce Campbell Interviews
- Music Video
- Theatrical Trailer
- TV Spot
- Still Gallery

This film will be released on Blu-Ray Combo Pack Collector's Edition on November 8, 2016


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